Prequalification Application

The NYCSCA’s Prequalification Application and the Prequalification/ Certification Application contained herein are representative of the questions that may be asked during the prequalification and/or certification processes. Attached to each application are step-by-step guides that provide instructions and an explanation of required documents. Carefully read the entire Prequalification or Prequalification/Certification Application before completing. The NYCSCA encourages you to submit your firm’s Prequalification and/or Certification Application on-line at Vendor Access System (VAS) as this is the most efficient way for processing.


Call the Prequalification Hotline at 718-472-8777 to discuss the Prequalification Application and process.

Call the Business Development Hotline at 718-472-8899 to discuss the minority-owned, woman-owned and locally based business enterprises (MWLBE) Prequalification/Certification Application and process.